Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are doing well. Here is a thank you note for Tillett Financial that I just finished. If you need any financial planning advice or assistance, this is the company to contact! Call Tillett Financial toll free: 888-326-7020. (Ask for Terry or Jason, they are amazing!)

Anyway, I am still working on varied projects. I am looking over the proof for my catalog! That is exciting! And we are finally putting in the text on my website. I am excited to have those two major projects finished! =D My intro party is going to be this Saturday, which should be a lot of fun.

I hope to hear from you all!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Newest Comic Strips

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. I've been busy! =D Here are two recent comic strips done for a previous client, Ben and Nikki. If you check back at past posts, you will see their wedding comic strip! They provided the pictures of scenes and memories that were most important to them and I created the comic strip of the event for them. They have now completed their wedding series: Engagement, Wedding, and Honeymoon!

I have recently just finished gathering a large order of notecards together and working (slowly) on my website. Hopefully we can finish it before the end of time! =D Also, my catalog is getting put together today! That is fun! I look forward to having that completed.

Well...until next time!

P.S. - To order just email:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Personalized Notecards

Here are three recent examples of personalized notecards that I have completed. The name in the ballet slippers is "Becky Simms" and the two dogs were for a couple that really loves their dogs. They also got pads of paper made with their dogs' image on them. They were hysterical! I can make pretty much anything into an illustration. So besides the notecards that you'll find from my flickr account, you can order personalized pieces!

I hope you all have a great day! Please email me with questions &/or orders:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Newest Notecard Collection

I am trying to get my newest collection of notecards to import in and they are not wanting to. I hate that. Well, you can view them by pressing the "view my notecards here" tab to the right of this post. I think the newest flowers are my favorite additions.

I have my second website meeting tonight! I am very excited to get this thing up and going!=D I hope it will prove to be a much easier way of ordering notecards and personalized pieces. While my website is under construction, you can just email me at: to ask questions and/or to place an order. =D Thank you to all of you that are doing that!

Until next time...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Next website meeting!

Hello everyone! I will have my next meeting about my website on Monday! We should get a lot of work done on it during that meeting. YEA!

Thank you to those of you who are emailing me your questions about ordering. If anyone else has any questions or would like to place an order please email me at: I would love to work with you. =D

Also, my newest collection has come back from the printers. I am waiting for my hubby, Mike, to scan them in so I can post them. This collection has some of my favorite designs so far! I'll post them later today.

Hope everyone is doing well!
Love - Jamie

P.S.- Happy Birthday Mom! Love you!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here are some notecards from my second collection. You can view the rest of them by clicking the link to the right.
Love - Jamie

Brianna's Butterfly

Here is a lovely butterfly that my niece made for me! She is very talented. I believe that she is only 8 years old! If I get anymore of her stuff, I will definitely share it with all of you!
Love- Jamie

Business Notecards

Hello Everyone!
These are some examples of business notecards I just finished. They are for Victory Cheerleading. I'm excited to be working with them!
As far as my other collection of notecards...I just got them back from Alpha Graphics and they are ready to be packaged! I have a third collection on the way and that should finish out what I will use for my catalog. Also, my friend Nikki is going to be hosting an introduction party for me which should be great!!! (Thank you Nikki for all of your help and support. You have been great!)
Have a great day! Until I blog again...
Love - Jamie

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back from Michigan

Hello everyone...

We just spent a nice weekend in Michigan. It was a nice break and we got a chance to see some family that we don't see often. =D I have finished my latest collection of note cards and they are at the printers (Alpha Graphics of course!). I may have my first company picking up and selling some of my products! Yea! That is exciting! =D We will see how that pans out. Please pray that they will be one of many companies picking me up!!! Thank you!

Thanks to you all for your amazing support! I really appreciate it! =D
Love - Jamie

Thursday, March 6, 2008

General ordering info...

Hello peeps!

I thought I would mention how to place an order again because I have been getting a lot of questions about it. If you have any questions or would like to order a comic strip, name flower, personalized cards &/or pads of paper, or note cards just drop me a comment or email me at I will follow up with you and nail down all of the information. Also I can send you other examples of my work.

I promise I will have my website up and going as soon as I can get it done. I have been having technical difficulties. =( I am, unfortunately, not computer it is a slow process. I apologize for any confusion.

Also, I wanted to make note, that if you have tried to leave comments before and were not allowed to, I have fixed that issue. So if you would like to leave long as they are nice...I would appreciate it. =D

I'll talk to you again soon! I have just finished another collection of note cards. I am excited to show all of you!
Love - Jamie

P.S. - I have already posted pricing guidelines if you would want to review my earlier posts for that information. Also, a pack of 10 note cards with envelopes is only $10.00! (There is a fee for shipping and handling that is not reflected in the price.)

Hello everyone!

Here is my latest name flower that I mentioned before. I went for a more rounded shape to change things up a bit. What is great about this one is that besides the the couple's first and last names, name's of their children, quote for the stem, and leaves with meaningful words (i.e.: "peace", "hope" & "joy"), I have also included the names of their grandchildren in the shape of buds. The smaller stems leading to the buds have each family's last name. I have also left plenty of room for this family to grow. I can add more buds onto the original at any time!
Hope you all like it!!!=D

Love - Jamie

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Wedding Comic Strip

Hey there!
I have completed my latest comic strip! I am really pleased with how it turned out. I just hope that the couple enjoys it! =D
Let me know what ya think?
Thanks - Jamie

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Notecards are in!

Hello everyone!
My notecards are in!!!!!!! I just picked them up from Alpha Graphics today. As soon as I get them scanned in I will put them up so you can all see them! =D

I have also finished another name flower! This one is unique because not only does it have the couple's last name, first names, names of all of their children...but it also has flower buds which are made up of the grandchildren's first names. The stem is of course a favorite saying and the leaves are words which they feel were important for their family (i.e.: "hope", "joy", etc...). I am going to attempt to add it to this post. It might get added later.
Until next time...Jamie

P.S. - I think the file is too big...I will have to add it in a little bit. =)

Monday, March 3, 2008

New Note Cards & Stationary

Hello everyone!
I am excited to report that I have finished designing a collection of note cards! They are at Alpha Graphics (my fave) right now! I think they are going to come out well...we'll see. =D Keep your fingers crossed. I am starting on a new wedding comic strip tonight and trying to finish a larger name flower by this weekend! FUN!!!
I'll talk to you all again soon!
Love - Jamie

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I wanted to mention that anyone can order custom made pieces from me. All I need is for you to:

1.) Email me what you would like (i.e.: a comic strip, flower, note cards, etc...)
2.) Email me what you want on it (i.e.: names, specific life experience, etc...)
3.) Scan in and email needed photos (if applicable)

This is really easy! I do the rest! You will receive the original and be able to use it as announcements, invitations, home decor, gifts, whatever you can think of!!!

I charge $10 per block on the comic strips including the title block (Maximum blocks 13).
The name flowers that I make are $30 base fee plus $5.00 per element (stem, leaf and names)

I also make personalized note cards and "thank you" notes, holiday cards, etc...
Email me to request more information:

Robert's Family Flower

Hello everyone...
This is a flower that I created for the Robert's family. This flower is completely made up of names and words. In the enter of the flower is the word "Christ", because they are believers in Christ. The smaller set of petals is their last name, "Roberts." The larger petals are the first names of the parents and their kids..."Caroline, Elena, Ian, etc. The leaves are made up of words that mean a lot to them as followers of Christ: "Faith", "Hope" and "Love." The stem says "To glorify God and enjoy Him forever."

This was a really fun piece to do. I'm thrilled with the way that it turned out. Right now I am working on another floral piece but this next one will include grandchildren as buds along the stem! I'll share it with you when I finish it!

Julie and John

Julie and John are very close friends of my family. I offered to make this comic for them as their wedding gift. They have since ordered two more strips to be created, their engagement and their honeymoon! They had such a great time on their special day and I hope it shows in the comic strip.
The small bear in the comic strip was created because Julie has had one of these bears (which she lovingly calls "Rikki Bear") since she was a baby. Her original "Rikki Bear" however has been VERY loved through the years and is, if I might say so, quite disgusting. Therefore her parent's actually tracked down a brand new "Rikki Bear" for her. To say that she was touched is an understatement. It was very sweet.

Our First Nine Months

This comic strip represents our total pregnancy experience. This first block shows when we found out from the doctor that we were in fact pregnant! The next blog shows us at the doctor's office listening to the heart beat for the first time. Next, we are at my mom's house and I am showing my husband the ultrasound that shows we are definitely having a boy!!! The last blocks show us putting the crib together, getting toys and baby clothes from baby showers, and just some family time before the baby is born!

Our Wedding Comic

Hey everyone!
This comic strip is about when my husband, Mike, and I got married. It will be 10 years this May!!! I can't believe it. Where does the time go? Anyway, it was such a perfect day and the ceremony was outside of Mike's parents' house. We were surrounded by a woods and our immediate family and close friends. Perfect!