Thursday, March 6, 2008

General ordering info...

Hello peeps!

I thought I would mention how to place an order again because I have been getting a lot of questions about it. If you have any questions or would like to order a comic strip, name flower, personalized cards &/or pads of paper, or note cards just drop me a comment or email me at I will follow up with you and nail down all of the information. Also I can send you other examples of my work.

I promise I will have my website up and going as soon as I can get it done. I have been having technical difficulties. =( I am, unfortunately, not computer it is a slow process. I apologize for any confusion.

Also, I wanted to make note, that if you have tried to leave comments before and were not allowed to, I have fixed that issue. So if you would like to leave long as they are nice...I would appreciate it. =D

I'll talk to you again soon! I have just finished another collection of note cards. I am excited to show all of you!
Love - Jamie

P.S. - I have already posted pricing guidelines if you would want to review my earlier posts for that information. Also, a pack of 10 note cards with envelopes is only $10.00! (There is a fee for shipping and handling that is not reflected in the price.)


Kiley said...

It's about time...I had tried to comment before but wasn't a "member" or something. Your artwork is THE COOLEST! Except that you are THE now you have competition with your own work, way to go!!!
We're all proud of you Jamie...sooooooo talented.

Zili said...

Thanks for writing this.