Sunday, March 2, 2008

Julie and John

Julie and John are very close friends of my family. I offered to make this comic for them as their wedding gift. They have since ordered two more strips to be created, their engagement and their honeymoon! They had such a great time on their special day and I hope it shows in the comic strip.
The small bear in the comic strip was created because Julie has had one of these bears (which she lovingly calls "Rikki Bear") since she was a baby. Her original "Rikki Bear" however has been VERY loved through the years and is, if I might say so, quite disgusting. Therefore her parent's actually tracked down a brand new "Rikki Bear" for her. To say that she was touched is an understatement. It was very sweet.


Julie said...


John and I LOVE the picture! I'm sorry I haven't given you the engagement party and honeymoon pics! (don't worry I won't give you anything risque)

I can't wait till all three are done and framed!!!!

Julie said...

P.S. Ricki Bear is not disgusting!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Julie, I think Ricki Bear is super cute and cuddly!!!

I wish i had one just like him!