Sunday, March 2, 2008


I wanted to mention that anyone can order custom made pieces from me. All I need is for you to:

1.) Email me what you would like (i.e.: a comic strip, flower, note cards, etc...)
2.) Email me what you want on it (i.e.: names, specific life experience, etc...)
3.) Scan in and email needed photos (if applicable)

This is really easy! I do the rest! You will receive the original and be able to use it as announcements, invitations, home decor, gifts, whatever you can think of!!!

I charge $10 per block on the comic strips including the title block (Maximum blocks 13).
The name flowers that I make are $30 base fee plus $5.00 per element (stem, leaf and names)

I also make personalized note cards and "thank you" notes, holiday cards, etc...
Email me to request more information:


Nikki said...

I put my order in to illustrate our wedding! I'm so excited to frame it for display! Then, I'm going to order our honeymoon and engagement I think...

Jamie said...

Thanks for your order Nikki! I'm excited to work on it!