Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Notecards are in!

Hello everyone!
My notecards are in!!!!!!! I just picked them up from Alpha Graphics today. As soon as I get them scanned in I will put them up so you can all see them! =D

I have also finished another name flower! This one is unique because not only does it have the couple's last name, first names, names of all of their children...but it also has flower buds which are made up of the grandchildren's first names. The stem is of course a favorite saying and the leaves are words which they feel were important for their family (i.e.: "hope", "joy", etc...). I am going to attempt to add it to this post. It might get added later.
Until next time...Jamie

P.S. - I think the file is too big...I will have to add it in a little bit. =)


Nikki said...

Hey Jamie! I awarded your blog an "E" for Excellent on my blog!! :)

Jamie said...

Thanks Nikki!!! I noticed (as I was looking at your blog) that you too have been awarded an "E" for excellence! Great job! I love your blog!
Thanks for being so supportive! =D

I hope you enjoy your comic strip!
Love- Jamie

Who's your mama? said...

Jamie: I love the notecards with Eli's name, they are great! And, the "Red Hatter" notecards are a perfect gift for my grandma! You are so creative! Keep up the good work!